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Self Learning Course

Duration: 45 Days

Self Learning Kit is a system of learning which avails the contents simply in books, guides learning system by itinerary & offers practice by mobile, computer or online practice. Learners need a complete package of comfort learning at home or office. Self learning can be quite useful for those who do not have the time to go traditional classes or want to learn in affordable fee. It is neither location constrained nor time- bound, and all that is needed to follow the direction of learning with offered aids. It is good for self motivated & disciplined aspirants of learning.

EngWing’s SLK (Self Learning Kit):

EngWing has developed such an innovative self learning kit of English communication which helps the learners to learn English language in a systematic way with the support of books, mobile app., computer software, pocket power & unlimited online practice access.

Features of EngWing’s SLK:

1. Affordable Self Learning Kit @ Rs.1250.

2. Freedom of learning 24 x 7 with learning statistics.

3. Visualization learning method by Animated videos.

4. Innovation in books with graphics.

5. Auto responsive exercises by app & software.

6. Standard training contents with learning itinerary.

7. Doubt clearing sessions on weekends.

Note: DCS (Doubt Clearing Session) centers are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Patna & Lucknow. It is a paid service @ Rs.250 for 2 hours on weekends. You need to select option of DCS to get notification of schedule & locations. To know more read FAQs or write us.

Benefits of SLK:

1. Freedom of learning without restrictions.

2. Less utilization of time.

3. Location doesn’t matter.

4. Very affordable fee.

5. No issue of trainer.

6. Save time of traveling.

7. Access anywhere & anytime.